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If you are a frequent Walmart customer, you know that in their large stores, they have just about everything you need for your every day life.  Did you know that they also offer a prepaid credit card.

This offers an alternative for those that have made past financial mistakes and can not qualify for a traditional card. walmartone uk

Those with negative entries on their report will be happy to know that there is no credit check and no bank account is required.  Instead, you receive a reloadable Visa where putting more money on to it can be done either by direct deposit or by cash or check. 

It can be used anywhere that a Visa card is accepted. You can use it to pay all of your utility bills, buy groceries, or anything else.  You can follow your  balance either online or by receiving alerts on your cell phone.

Here’s how it works.  First, you purchase it.  There is an $8.94 issuance fee that you must pay.  Next, if possible, you will want to set up a direct deposit.  This will not cost you anything so this is the best way to load funds.

After that, a $4.64 monthly fee is charged and each time the card is reloaded, it costs $4.94.  To avoid the reload fee, have money directly deposited.

You will also not be charged the $4.94 if you cash a paper check.  You will, however, have to pay the $3 check cashing fee but this is still cheaper than taking your check to another place.

Also, try to avoid ATMs.  If you check your balance at an ATM, it will cost you 75 cents.  If you make a withdrawal, you will be charged a $1.95 fee.  If you need to withdrawal money, go to your local Walmart where it will cost you nothing.

If you would like a monthly statement, they will charge you $3 per month.  As you can see, although this card is convenient, it has a whole host of fees.